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Method of Operation | Electric Heating Products in Bulgaria

Method of Operation

The Mega Ted 7 Combination Electric radiators have been designed using the latest technology to create an elegant solution for all hard to heat situations,They can be installed in almost any location due to the flexibility of the product.

Our unique combination radiators are designed to store the heat directly into the Magmatic ceramic tablets without any loss of energy. The high fin surface creates a ribbed design across the radiator ensuring the correct balance of radiant and convected heat. Once the radiator achieves its optimum temperature it can continue to give out heat for up to 45 minutes dependent on the thermostat set-point. Radiators should use an average of between 3-5 hours electricity in a 24 hour day dependent on the programmed settings and building fabric.



The heating conductors are produced from high quality chrome-nickel steel (resistant to scaling up to 1100 °C) which are moulded into the Magmatic tablet.The contacts inside the radiators are protected with heat shrinkable insulated sleeves to ensure optimum safety.Two thermocouples within each radiator provide twin overheat protection for additional safety.

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